Oh youth, divine treasure

Could the Vecchia Signora have become outdated?

It seems unbelievable that its decline has become the differential element to increase the attractiveness of Serie A, when that was the main purpose of the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo in 2018.

Observing the events that took place during this first half of the season in Italy, we could fall into the error of thinking: Oh youth, divine treasure.

It seems to be more than that. Along with a partial rejuvenation of the squad, a structured game plan proposed by a southern Italian team has managed to overcome the strong dominance exercised by the team from the Piedmont capital.

The perfect mix of experience and title-hunger has managed to put the exorbitant value of the other templates in the background. According to the specialized website Transfermarkt, the San Siro’s team is valued at 489M euros. Meanwhile, Juventus is valued at 202M euros more and their fellow citizens and stadium mates exceed them by 118M euros.

The historic Italian squad finally sees the light after years of shadow and is determined to return to the top, no matter what.

Such a reconstruction does not take place overnight. On the contrary, the Rossoneri club went down to hell, where it remained for nearly a decade before being rescued. The architects of this rescue were, in the first place, the American investment group Elliott Management Corporation which, by means of a capital injection, avoided the administrative decline of the entity. Secondly, the appearance of Ivan Gazidis as CEO. His experience pushed the team to build a solid foundation, by attracting talent to the offices, which resulted in the incorporation of prodigious young people such as Rafael Leao, Brahim Díaz, Jens Petter Hauge or Sandro Tonali.

The above-mentioned stars of tomorrow, under the tutelage of the fireless Zlatan Ibrahimovic, make up the youngest average squad in the five major leagues, as indicated by CIES.

With a promising future and a more than exciting present, it is clear that from the most beautiful ruins it is possible to reign again.

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