Samurai on a rollercoaster

Osaka is the third largest city in Japan and above its majestic monuments stands its castle. 34 years ago, one of its kings was born. Honda represents the integrity and perseverance that they value so much in Japan.

The talented midfielder seems to have covered more miles in his career than the cars he shares the name with.

After taking off in his home country, the J League became a schoolyard for Keisuke, who packed his bags in the direction of the tulip country. In Limburg he was offered the possibility of battle and the Japanese rushed to make it his fortress.

The kindness of the Netherlands was soon replaced by the cold of Moscow. However, thanks to his outstanding performances, CSKA’s enthusiastic fans were quickly warmed up.

After four seasons of playing tricks with his poisonous yet powerful shot and fascinating vision, it was time to move on. Motivated by the challenges, he traded the Kremlin for the Duomo, so he joined the ranks of the almighty Milan.

He arrived in Italy under the star sign and only managed to crash. All the power he had shown so far had been enough for him. After three years, he was unable to take off, so he decided to try his luck in the fiery Mexican championship with Pachuca. He was unable to add spice to the historic side and a year later ended up moving to exotic Australian football.

He never again showed the sensational level of play exhibited in Russia. His contract expired and after offering his services even on social networks, the Eredivisie once again came to his rescue. Vitesse was not his last port of call, as he soon moved on to defend Botafogo’s colours in Brazil.

After terminating his contract while starting out as a coach with the Cambodian national team, what will be his next step?

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