Football is not a stickers album

Who has not collected an album like the one above as a child? Who has not assembled such fearsome and star-studded squads in video games that even Cruyff’s Ajax and Sacchi’s Milan would fear them?

Contrary to what we are led to believe since we started to love this sport, football is not a collection of stickers. It is obvious, and I would be shooting myself in the leg if I did not admit it, that having skilled, well-known players is an extraordinary competitive advantage. However, football is more than that, at least that is what I want to believe.

The organization of a football team is as simple and labyrinthine as the elaboration of a puzzle, the success lies in knowing how to fit the pieces together. It is unuseful having 11 “egos” with legs if the team does not row in the same direction. After all, running after a ball would be something we all know. The differential factor lies in knowing what to do when the ball is at your feet and how to minimize damage when it is not.

It is strictly necessary to provide the squad with a balance. Although everyone is aware that in the intimacy of all teams there are hierarchies, it is imperative that absolutely all players put on their overalls. Technique and tactics can be improved and lost, but that does not happen with the spirit of conquest.

As they say in my family: I would rather have a worker fool than a clever bum. Therefore, if you want to achieve an exceptional team, surround yourself with more hearts and fewer camera flashes.

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