Perks of being a Pro Footballer

Today’s post was born from a conversation between friends about our passion for southern Spain. From the beauty of its places and the sympathy of its people. At one point in the talk, the figure of Joaquín Sánchez, a legend of Betis as well as a prodigal son of El Puerto de Santa María, came up. We were more than convinced that thanks to his skills on and off the field, it is been years since the comical player has paid for a drink in his homeland as much as in the rest of the country.

The profession of footballer has many drawbacks associated with it, such as the lack of anonymity or the excessive interest it arouses around it. Even so, there are many advantages they enjoy, beyond an enviable but exorbitant and unreasonable salary.

First of all, I would like to stress the importance of endorsement deals in their salary figure. We must leave aside the world class players, who could live off their image without ever seeing a ball again. For other professional footballers, their image also has a major weight on their bank accounts. Similarly, just because they are admired characters, footballers enjoy high-end products and services for free.

Secondly, they have the possibility to travel to the most remote places possible, both in their free time and during the game season. It is understandable that the match trips are not under the purpose of entertaining themselves, yet it is much more grateful than being in an office.

Along with this last factor I link the following one: holidays and free time. Once the regular season is over, the players enjoy a well-deserved and extensive holiday. That being not enough, on countless occasions they have days off during the week. Also, when their working day ends (training session) they have the rest of the day to use and enjoy.

However, for me the real crux of the matter lies in being able to dedicate yourself to something you love and for which so many people pay to do.

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