An empty head but a full wallet

An empty head but a full wallet. In the end, I will end up agreeing with all those who think that footballers do not have brain.

What need is there for these characters, to call them in some respectable way, to bypass the measures imposed by the governments of their respective countries. We ended a year as horrible as it was unprecedented, in which we were locked up at home for three months, whose only legacy is tons of masks.

It is urgent that disciplinary actions are taken, regardless of the player’s silhouette. Under the focus of all eyes, a simple pardon is not enough. What a shame that one year they cannot celebrate Christmas or New Year’s Eve in style, huh? What is truly pitiful is not to think beyond their bubble and consider those who have been without income for months or all those people who have become homeless.

In England with the emergence of a new strain of the virus, meetings like the one from the Spurs Reguilon, Lamela, Lo Celso and the Hammer Lanzini can wait.

In Brazil, the second most affected country by the virus, macro parties such as the one from the recidivist Neymar or the replica from Gabigol can also wait.

The data does not lie, and while they may, the rest of society cannot afford a relapse. We are close to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel of this painful situation. We will only be able to see this black episode of our history in the rearview mirror if we fight and push together. I promise it will be worth it.

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