Who will win this UCL edition? (Round of 16)

August 23rd, 2020. Estadio da Luz in Lisbon. Bayern was crowned champion of the continental competition by beating PSG’s petrodollars thanks to a goal from Kingsley Coman.

Less than four months later we meet again in the head-to-head matches. No more tests, it is sudden death. Who will win this compact edition of the Champions League?

A two-month standstill and an ever-appetizing transfer market separate us from the play-offs, so it is probably too early to predict the next champion. Even so, everything seems to indicate that the cup is not going to move from Germany.

The Bundesliga is in good spirits and seems determined to open its doors and let the rest of Europe enjoy its football. Commanded by a steel Bayern that far from lowering its guard has incorporated new faces that make it even more fearsome. Followed by an exuberant Dortmund, possessing a solid block and with tremendously determinant players.

The RB Leipzig also appears on the scene. Julian Nagelsmann’s puppets are committed to entertaining and daring football exemplified by their youth and desire. A hard-working team capable of knocking an entire Manchester United team out of the competition.

What about the Mönchengladbach? Pigeonholed into the death group, it has managed to get out alive from an almost impossible subject. The tireless German team has a mass destruction weapon in its offensive field, the Plea – Thuram duo.

Clearly, there are squads you can never consider as dead. However, the debacle of Spanish football is limiting their teams’ options and push them to focus on domestic competition. Similarly, I think that Liverpool’s long-term injuries are a major factor in their bid for the title. Finally, the questionable competitiveness of the French league is taking away possibilities from the owner of the Parc des Princes.

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