Winter (market) is coming

After a transfer market marked by bartering, in which the enormous amounts handled so far have inevitably been reduced, I consider it absolutely necessary to highlight the following question: why should you look outside for that talent you already have but you do not give them a chance?

The figures that were once in demand for the acquisition of a world-class figure are now equivalent to obtaining a young Brazilian promise, which will probably never get rid of that label, promise. Consequently, the economic amounts needed then to form a team capable of fighting throughout the season now allow for a star and a half.

It is true that if the aim of a team is to play a worthy role in all the competitions, it must have four or five props (at least one per line) in order to guarantee satisfactory results whether they are home-grown or trained outside. From there, taking into account that the squads are composed of about twenty-five players, added to the fact that at least five substitutions per game are allowed from this season onwards, opportunities should be given to youngsters who excel in youth categories. In my humble opinion, whether it is a big team or a small one, 60% of the squad should be supplied with players from the youth system.

Most of the time I see that the talent that comes from outside is superimposed on the quarry for that simple fact, not yet being owned by the team. When in fact, the club’s talent not only has the quality, they have passed countless tests to remain in high-calibre teams, but they have also grown along with the values and the way of playing of that club.

It is clear that not all players at youth level will reach professional football, let alone be part of the first team of their lives. However, each generation devotes a number of innate talents that remain waiting for the opportunity to prove their worth.

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