Scandinavian Rise

The days when current United coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer excelled on the pitch are long gone. The performances that John Arne Riise used to delight Anfield fans also seem remote.

Likewise, it is possible to remember from a distance the elegance of Fredrik Ljungberg defending the Gunner shirt or the efficiency of Henrik Larsson scoring goals. The figure of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who seems determined to continue leaving his mark, deserves a special mention.

Let’s not get nostalgic. On the contrary, Scandinavian football seems to be making a comeback thanks to the sparkle of its new gems.


The promise of Real Madrid came to the Spanish capital very young and with very high expectations. After a successful performance in the Netherlands, where he played a great role, the Norwegian took the leap to San Sebastian. There he was able to display his majestic ball control and hierarchy in the game despite his young age. This season he has a well-deserved opportunity to dazzle at the white club.


Possibly the most known of this list, and no wonder. Although I spoke about him last week, it is mandatory to include him on this list. By now it seems derisory how much Borussia Dortmund paid for his services to RB Salzburg. Although seemingly crude, hw stands out for his power and speed with and without the ball, as well as his sensational goal ratio. He seems destined to mark an era, not only in Germany but in world football.


Our previous protagonist did well in warning us of this boy’s growth. Norwegian football had become too small for him and Milan arrived to give him a chance for the future, but above all for the present. Time will tell if the boy becomes a star or crashes. For now, it has a refined technique, an unheard of overflow and an amazing decision making.


Outstanding. It is the most appropriate qualifier for the vision of the game that this player has shown in Serie A. No wonder La Vecchia Signora bet on him. Their imbalance and acceleration should not go unnoticed either. Presumably, by giving him a significant role, he will bring much joy to his team.

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