Betting on young coaches

In today’s post I would like to comment on a trend very present in the fields over the last few years. With the appearance in 2008 of Pep Guardiola as the ultimate exponent of this predilection, I think it is important to talk about the bet of young coaches who relatively recently left behind their journeys on the pitch.

In my opinion, it is a bold choice. Even so, teams of the size of Real Madrid, Juventus, Chelsea or Glasgow Rangers, among many other squads, have left their reins in the hands of extraordinary players but still raw coaches.

I consider that having been a good player does not imply that your stage as a coach will be successful. It is very possible that you have the wickets (tactical knowledge, contacts in and out of the field, confidence, etc. ) to become a more than decent coach. However, to excel in a market with so much demand it is necessary to possess a differential trait.

Currently the ideal candidate does not live by and for football. Contrary to what can be thought from outside, the technical team is composed of a great number of professionals: in addition to the coach and his second on board, keepers coach, physical preparer, analyst, nutritionist and psychologist. Each of them with a strong raison d’être. Therefore, when a team seeks to find the right coach, it no longer focuses solely on football but puts the focus on someone capable of managing egos. A person capable of leading a group of people and convincing them to put collective achievements before individual ones.

For me, that is the main reason why you opt for coaches with a past in the sport rather than for prepared and trained strangers.

Football from the band differs greatly from that seen from within the field. And all these professionals who were once considered stars, with day to day will show their seams and become human. After all, all the myths end up falling and only the person remains.

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