Gracias a la pelota

I never thought I would write this article about you, as there is only one player capable of generating so much admiration in me and being worthy of such a tribute. Still, peer pressure got the better of me, and here I am.

Beyond reopening the debate on whether you are the best player in history or not, I find extraordinarily admirable the passion unleashed by you and, consequently, the irreparable sadness after your loss.

You are the greatest example of the magnitude of football in today’s society and how it has reached unsuspected and even implausible limits. You were able to lift the spirits of an entire audience, you turned what had been a sport into a religion. Today your faithful followers cry disconsolately over your departure while your detractors kneel at the evidence of your greatness.

You were able to realize the unimaginable within the field and unfortunately also outside it. I do not blame you. Fame is intoxicating, and even more when the country that saw you born puts you on top.

I am deeply sorry I did not see you play. Those who treated you all agree in highlighting the humanity of your personality despite the divinity of your football. And that is the biggest of your trophies.

Today millions of homes remember your fullness, clinging to keep your brushstrokes in their memory so they never lose you completely.

You walk away thanking the ball and, as a good fan, I thank you.

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