Is Erling Haaland a fair Golden Boy winner?

Totally fair. No matter what colours paint your heart, there has not been a better young player in this atypical season. The impact he has had on his teams has been decisive and the weight he has acquired at both club and national level is admirable. The Dortmund team’s quantum leap is closely linked to his contribution. In addition to being a goal-scoring machine, he is capable of going down to receive the ball, contribute greatly to defensive tasks or oxygenate the team when the pressure on the opponent is stifling, among others.

However, these types of individual trophies are not awarded without the presence of objective data to support the choice of the winner. Well, 44 goals and 10 assists are the Norwegian striker’s record.

He may look very rough physically but he is fast, rather explosive, with really precise ball control. His first flashes in Austria did not foreshadow an explosion of such magnitude. It is never easy to move to one of the big four leagues, even less once the season has begun. Despite this, his adaptation to a team that is committed to meritocracy and young talent has been more than hopeful.

Football is very unpredictable so at any moment a flower can wither. However, if you look at his meteoric rise, you can see that this young Scandinavian footballer has an extraordinary career ahead of him.

His appearance on the football scene was strictly necessary, as the usual nine seem to be dying out. Currently, going to the market to find a mobile striker who guarantees many goals represents a totally implausible mission. While Lewandowski, Cavani and Suarez’s generation are enjoying their last few seasons at the top of the game, only Kane and Lukaku seem to have reached the top of the game. It is urgent that jewels like our protagonist, as coveted as they are singular, begin to be uncovered.

Sinning recklessly has never been my style, yet I would like to point out a simple fact that exemplifies the possibilities of this talent to succeed. His agent is the predator Mino Raiola. Let’s hope Haaland is destined to mark an era, not just in the offices.

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