Tight Game Schedules

The current situation has made a dent in the working environment of our society. A position that, although it seems to have no end, is getting closer to finding the solution and returning to the much desired normality. Football has obviously also succumbed to this painful reality, mainly in the form of staff, salary and budget cuts.

Similarly, the postponement of competitions has meant that this season has a totally atypical schedule, with an unusual but exciting matches concentration for fans. For several players and coaches, however, it is an unnecessary effort.

On one hand, I understand their argument based on the physical component. Playing matches every three days along with long journeys at both club and national team level can pose an additional risk to that anticipated in previous seasons.

On the other hand, they seem to be in a bubble, oblivious to recent events. I do not think it is crazy at all, asking them to play more often. In fact, teams are made by about 23 players to cope with a high match load.

After all, what for us fans is entertainment, for them is their job.

Ordinary people are tired of repeating endless workdays. In exchange for terribly low wages, knowing that if they do not perform one hundred percent the labour market is full of possible substitutes.

Therein lies the problem: they do not see their jobs being jeopardized, which also guarantees them an indecent amount of money. While their clubs are struggling to make ends meet, they are vaguely able to cut their salaries.

Let’s start treating them like normal people and not like heroes. They will not save us from the current situation.

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