Claw and Heart

Football must be seen as an art. As if you danced with the ball on your feet. Or as if the ball of was treated like a brush that completes the canvas. For that reason, the most precious players tend to be the most delicate ones, pampering the ball with care and getting it to run with them and not before them.

However, there are other professionals with a different role, which can sometimes be taken for granted, but is of paramount importance. Players who fight, sometimes brown, but who seem to have seven lives.

This post vindicates these types of players, whom you would always like to have on your team.


El jefecito. He does not stand out for being the most athletic player or for being the one who call the shots but he would leave his life for each of the teams he has defended. His professionalism is admired by both his followers and his opponents. The limit has always been put by him and with his versatility he has managed to be a fundamental pillar of Benitez’s Liverpool and the best Barcelona in history. Back in his native Argentina where he just announced the end of his career, he deserves all the existing recognitions and to invent.


El pegamento. As his nickname indicates, the current Naples coach represented the piece that brought the whole team together. His presence augured a promising attack without the defense trembling at a counterattack. Arrogant and deranging in equal parts, he excelled at the World Champion Italy in 2006. His shadow work, not always valued as it deserved, allowed a star like Andrea Pirlo to shine. It is understandable that a squad as strict as the Neapolitan team has given him the command of its team. I would leave my life in his hands, too.


The King. He has conquered half of Europe and dethroning him is going to be a real challenge. Although I do not consider myself fan of his football, I take off my hat before his daring. An all-rounder who has left his mark on the most demanding midfielders in the world, he has more than managed to fill his technical deficiencies with daring and lungs, many lungs. Serie A is lucky to enjoy you (again), you are made for each other.

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