Who says football is not for women?

Today’s post celebrates women’s football.

Unfortunately, the scope that football boasts is not comparable to that of other professions. I think it is a springboard for trying to achieve equity in the workplace, which has already enabled professionals like Megan Rapinoe to take a step forward.

It is true that there is still an abysmal wage gap, mainly due to the fact that it is a young sport that did not host its first world championship until 1991 and therefore enjoys less audiovisual impact. However, I am absolutely sure that its time will come.

Despite the fact that it is possible to see physical differences, which is totally acceptable given the physiognomy of each other, the technical quality can reach the same level of excellence as that shown in men’s football. Similarly, there are no discrepancies at the competitive level as they play the same competitions and in the same stadiums. In fact, the level of play presented at the last World Cup in France pleasantly surprised all its spectators.

I also believe that they may be able to bring a greater level of commitment both because of their emotional nature and because of the difficulties they have had to overcome in order to pursue their dream. That is why their professionalism is so admirable. How is it possible that in France 2019 there was a 13-0 win between USA and Thailand? Normally any group of players when achieving a big result tend to relax, however, the current world champions did not release the throttle in the ninety minutes.

Along with that, I would like to emphasize their decency. A sport recently marked by theatre and exaggeration in its actions is grateful for the honesty of its professionals and that they pursue the advancement of the game instead of wasting time.

Now tell me, who says football is not for women?

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