Going Abroad

You arrive at an early age in a city, which is usually far from yours and hopefully in your country. You learn to live away from your own people and start living with those who will be your battle partners for years to come, both in the classroom and on the fields. They end up becoming your family.

In the same way, you end up considering as your home those facilities that at first seemed as cold as immense. You live by and for the club and even its values become your own.

However, one day you reach a certain age and there is a crossroads before you: to continue in the club of your life in search of an opportunity or to go out and look for minutes of play (usually to lesser teams) and to carve out a place for yourself in this sport.

Well, this post is about the difficult task of growing up in the best academies of world football and seeing yourself forced to go far, far away.


Possibly the most known and most skillful player on this list. After training in the FC Barcelona youth system, the Terrassa-born player opted to continue his career as a professional in the discreet football of the Croatian league. It was 2015 and despite having a dream national team, their domestic competition was far from being qualified as one of the greatest. Despite this, one of his most renowned teams, Dinamo Zagreb, offered young Dani the chance to defend his colours. There, the player was more than able to repay the trust placed in him, showing off his qualities match after match. Finally, this year he had the opportunity to move to the Bundesliga and delight the RB Leipzig fans with his game every week.


The powerful canary pivot was formed in the Real Madrid Academy. Although his physical display was enviable and his technical qualities were beyond doubt, the white team bet on loaning the player first to Derby County and then to Sporting de Gijon to finish his training. He did not just settle down and landed in the Bundesliga where Eintracht Frankfurt and now Schalke 04 welcomed him with open arms.


One of the last pearls of the Masia, called to be one of the successors to that commendable midfield of Pep’s time. The continuous injuries weighed him down and prevented him from showing off the football that runs through his veins. After trying his luck on loan at both Granada and UD Las Palmas, the young midfielder opted to move on to a league as exotic as the Japanese one. Currently, in the ranks of the Vissel Kobe and under the tutelage of Andres Iniesta, he seeks to relaunch his career.


In spite of always being in the shadow of his brother José, the two were really unbalanced extremes in the white factory. Our protagonist, once playing in Castilla, decided to head to the adventure and defend the shirt of Spanish football historians such as Mallorca, Albacete or Hercules, before leaving for Greek football. From the Greek country he left for Bolivia, where he stayed for several years and became an illustrious player. After two seasons in Saudi Arabia, he has returned to Spain this year to delight the Marbella fans.

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