Football at China

Have you ever wondered why the world’s most populous country (1. 433 million inhabitants) does not excel in football?

In 2015, in order to boost football in society, the Asian giant made the sport a compulsory subject in schools. Similarly, the country has hosted for years the summer tours of top-level teams, to see if a greater percentage of the population would be taken in by first-person football. However, it is a country that has traditionally given a leading role to other sports such as badminton or table tennis.

It is not possible to start a house from the roof. Thus, it seems unlikely that attractive football will be played without working from the ground up. Starting with the professionalization of the academies and facilities. It continues with refining the tactics, which currently leave much to be desired. Sports planning also deserves to be polished. They cannot expect great results if they use only the checkbook to cover the offensive plot while the rear ends up trembling.

It is well known that China is a country that imports talent. Prestigious players such as Hulk and Oscar and outstanding coaches such as Manuel Pellegrini and Gregorio Manzano have all opted for an adventure in the country. Even so, there is a lack of national talent to inspire young people, as its neighbours Japan and South Korea have.

Despite the aspects described above, I am absolutely certain that the effort will soon be rewarded and it is only a matter of time before China climbs the ladder in modern football.

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